Dependent Eligibility Verification Appeals Extension Announcement

Dependent Eligibility Verification Appeals Extension Announcement

The Educators Health Alliance (EHA) Board at its April 29th, 2013 meeting gave the authorization for Xerox to extend the Dependent Eligibility Verification Process (DEV) Appeals Period until May 31st of 2013.  This will give members an extended period of time to satisfy the requirements to verify dependent eligibility.  It is strongly recommended that any member who has not met the requirements of the DEV do so in an expedited manner.  

The coverage termination date remains March 31 for dependents that are determined to be ineligible or do not provide sufficient evidence of eligibility.  If your dependent has had coverage terminated and is successful in appealing this determination before May 31, 2013, their coverage will be reinstated back to March 31, 2013.  If the appeal occurs after May 31, 2013 the member that lost coverage will not be able to get the coverage backdated to March 31 coverage; even if the appeal is successful.

The DEV will also allow verifications between June 1st and August 31st.  If the eligibility has been approved during this period the dependent will be reinstated the 1st of the month following the approval. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska has sent to EHA subgroups a list of employees whose dependents whose coverage has been terminated.  If your subgroup has not received such a list it is because all your employees have satisfied the DEV requirements. 

If you have any problems you are strongly encouraged to contact Xerox at 855-874-8505.   

Thank you,

Greg Long

Your EHA Field Representative