EHA News

EHA News

Dependent Eligibility Verification for New Dependents

The Educators Health Alliance (EHA) Board has retained Xerox HR Solutions to continue the verification process for all members choosing to participate in Educators Health Alliance.  The verification will be done on a quarterly basis with deadlines for each verification quarter.  

The verification process will review all new dependents and newly hired employees with dependents.  

It is strongly encouraged to continue the communication process with all newly hired staff regarding the DEV.  Members should be aware they must participate in the verification process.  If a participant does not provide the proper information within the required timeline, they risk losing coverage for their dependents.  


Greg Long

EHA Field Representative 

Click below link to view timeline:

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Required Marketplace Notice for Employees

PPACA requires employers to notify all employees by October 1, 2013 regarding the availability of coverage through the new Marketplace. Please click on the below links to view Blue Cross Blue Shield's recent flyer regarding employee notice of the Marketplace.  

Educators Health Alliance and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska Affirm Continued Availability of EHA Plan

EHA and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska have determined that the EHA plan can continue for the benefit of Nebraska public school districts, state colleges and other participating education-related employers of all sizes on and after the 2014 implementation of Individual and Group Insurance Market Reforms of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

EHA Dependent Verification Strengthens Plan, Saves Money

The EHA has announced how the dependent verification strengthens plan, saves money.  Please click on the link below to read out the DEV.  

NEW! EHA Healthcare Reform Information

This brochure will provide information on the law changes and the timeline when the new offerings will occur.

Health Care Reform Video

The EHA would like to keep our members informed with respect to Health Care Reform. Below is a link to a video produced by the Kaiser Foundation to help explain changes in accordance to the Health Care Reform Act.

New! EHA Approves No Increase in Health/Dental Rates for 2011-2012 Plan Year

EHA Preventative Services Increased

The Educators Health Alliance will be increasing preventative benefits for the upcoming contract year beginning September 1, 2011. The increased benefits are part of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that was passed by the Federal Government last year. Many of the new benefits are age/gender specific for the services to be covered. Please click below to view the updated benefits.

EHA Board Announces Premium Holiday for December 2011

At the May 2011 EHA Board meeting, the Board of Directors made a unanimous decision to have a premium holiday for our members this upcoming December.  For additional information, please read the documents below.